My name is Natalie and I own and operate Northwest Guardians™ on 10+ acres in Western Montana. I raise working livestock guardian dogs, registered Kunekune pigs and Katahdin sheep, a couple mini cows, and a Icelandic chickens.

I created this Livestock Guardian Dog Online School™ to teach people like you who are interested in learning more about how to find/use livestock guardian dogs on their farms, ranches, and homesteads.

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All Access Pass Subscription

Ready to access ALL the content in this growing online learning site? Then the LGD All Access Pass is the option for you!

For a low monthly fee, you will gain access to every course, mini class, monthly mentorship session, and get exclusive priority support from Natalie!

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Intro to LGDs

The Intro to LGDs course is perfect for the homesteader (in reality or heart) or family farmer who wants to learn more about livestock guardian dogs from their ancient beginnings to present day uses and whether they are a good fit for you!

Winter-Proofing Your Outdoor Dog

Does your dog want to be outside, even in winter? Do you have a livestock guardian dog, but you want to make sure you're supporting him the best you can?

This FREE Winter-Proofing Your Outdoor Dog mini course is for you!

Breed vs Landrace

Are you confused about the differences between a BREED and a LANDRACE?

Let's work through this together in this mini class!

Introducing a New Sub-Adult LGD to Established LGD

See how I introduce Tip to Infi, monitor body language and determine when it's time to give more freedom. 

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